CAMP K9 2016  




We want you!

Camp K9 is looking for some extra enthousiastic volunteers to give a helping paw at the dog play area.

Below is a list of what we're looking for. Anything up your alley? Give us a bark at

We need volunteers for Friday 17/02/17 Saturday 18/02/17 and Sunday 19/02/17.
Anyone who helps us out for 1 day receives a free ticket to one of the parties (Fusion/Rage/Alphatribe)
Anyone who helps two days receives a Madness Pass for access to all events.



Someome with own camera (No smart phones) Needed to film video of the camp over the two days. Volunteers only (not self promoting), all hi res footage and copyrights to be shared with camp k9 unconditionally.
Experianced photographer (including use of studio flash) with own camera, to take souvenir photos and candid shots of the camp activity. Volunteers only (not self promoting), all footage and copyrights to be shared with camp k9 unconditionally.
Someone with performance/stage experiance able to give convincing performace as the camp vet. Good imagination and enthiusiasm needed. Uniform provided (Rubber Apron)
Enthusiastic volunteers needed to break down and set up the entertainment area between events and during the puppy brunch to take care of the puppies, thier food bowls and any occasional spillages
Puppy Obediance Trainer
Highly experianced puppy play trainer who can prepare and execute a short and entertaining workshop of appoximatly 30 mins. Ideally someone that has done something similar before, must be able to hold the attention of the crowd.
Host for Contestants
Your own pack of puppies to care for.. just be sure they make it to the show on time. Organised and friendly volunteer needed to take the lead and have all the answers. Needed for both days but can be split betwwen volunteers. Needs a show must go on attitude.
"Tattoo" Artist
Prefer a volunteer with make up experiance, get to provide free puppy tattoos to event guests, all materials provided (alcohol based temporary tattoo ink and stencils). Gets to touch up all the puppies when touching up thier ink.
Host for Camp k9
Juggler required to keep everything moving on the day, clipboard provided! Includes the oversee of the camp, holding all the answers, keeping an eye on the schedule and organising the runners. Role to be split into shifts between volunteers.
Puppy Wash Boys
Look cute in a speedo, get soapy handling a sponge and wash all the filthy puppies.. think "car wash"
Change Collection
Polite and enthusiastic volunteers to collect spare change from event attendees - Donations for the Mr Puppy Europe travel fund


Help make it happen
for Camp K9 - Mr Puppy Europe and the team!