Introduction by Sandro

Sandro Cossero

Welcome to the 9th edition of Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium!
It is going to be an amazing weekend again! As always, we aim to satisfy both our regular visitors and welcome new guys who are still discovering their fetish side. The LGBT+ community in Belgium has achieved a lot over the years, but sometimes I wonder if we have achieved enough. The fetish community is often side-lined – and often that negativity comes from within our own community. As Nelson Sousa da Cunha, owner of fetish group Mister B notes: “A lot of gays don’t accept leathermen, drag queens, and other flamboyant night butterflies because they want gays to be seen as ‘normal’. But they forget that these were the people that fought for LGBT+ rights, rights you and I benefit from today. Should the fetish scene go back into the closet?”

One thing I can tell you for sure – during Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium 2018 you won’t find anyone hiding in closets. It’s all about celebrating our fetishes, whatever they are, together.

Many people know me as a dancer, and they were very surprised when I signed up last year as a candidate for Mister Leather Belgium. They wondered if that combination could work. I’m living proof that the answer is a resounding – Yes, it can! In our scene there is, and should be, an infinite number of ways to celebrate our fetishes. In the 9th edition of Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium (21-26 February 2018) we will meet again in Antwerp to elect my successor. Wouldn’t it be great if the new sash-bearer is a totally different person to me? Because the ‘future of sex’ is the future of diversity for me. I look forward to joining you in Antwerp to celebrate that diversity!

Mister Leather Belgium 2017
Sandro Cossero