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Workshops and demo’s

We’re adding new workshops and classes to our program in the first weeks of January. Stay tuned!

At Darklands you can attend several workshops. Attending workshops is included in the entrance price. Seats are limited and it’s advised to have them reserved. Be in time a the workshop (10m before start. If you’re not there at start, your seat will be offered to anyone willing to attend).



  Coming Soon
  Coming Soon


Rubber demo

The guys from Mr Rubber Nl let you escape this world in a vacrac, rubber mummification and more. During Darklands opening hours.

Fuck & suck machines

Are machines the future for our sexual lives? Come and watch the demo by our porn stars or even try out the machines yourself! Friday 23 FEB 2018 – 23:00-01:00 (during Fusion)

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Workshop tickets are free and will be available from January 2018 on.