Mr Rubber Europe 2019

Mr Rubber Europe 2019

After many years of absence, a dedicated team of guys in 2018 brought the competition back. Through the generous support of a number of sponsors, and with the help of the team behind Leather Pride in Antwerp, the competition brought together guys from across Europe. Many of the local, regional and national clubs were represented and a formidable team of judges were on hand to ensure the Mr Rubber Europe title was won by a candidate best placed to represent our community through 2018 and early 2019. Michi from Switzerland was elected, and many of you will have met him at rubber club meetings across Europe and indeed the world. Our first Mr Rubber Europe has done a tremendous job of being a visible ambassador for our community – and now it is time to find his successor.

All Darklands ticket-holders can enjoy the Mr Rubber Europe show. But you can also enjoy the spectacle from special dinner tables at the front of the stage. Enjoy a three-course meal for just €30 per person including two glasses of wine. The show starts at 19:00 and ends around 21:00. Click here to see the menu and pre-order  – places are limited. Dinner must be booked in advance.


Friday 22.02.2019
Doors: 17.00h – 21.00h


Mr. Rubber Europe election is part of Darklands
Hangar 29 – Waagnatie
Rijnkaai 150
2000 Antwerpen


3-day access to Darklands ticket (available)
Presale: € 20
Doors: € 25

Dinner: € 30 p.p.

A Cause!

As Mr Rubber Europe 2019, you will have been elected to represent the whole rubber community in Europe. You need to be visible, and ensure that you do your utmost to advance and grow the community where possible. We mentioned earlier that you need to be passionate – during the title holding year, we would ask that you become an advocate for something that you have a personal interest in – some ideas:

Building the Community – attending events, generating discussions, involving all attendees, talking to those that may be interested in rubber, being a mentor, sharing advice and making connections

Leading a health/wellbeing campaign – our community can experience many challenges – sexual health, mental health, drug issues, acceptance in the gay community, or acceptance beyond the community – family, friends or colleagues

Bringing the wider fetish community together – in some countries or local communities the fetish scene maybe quite small – how can the community come together to become more visible and grow

Supporting communities through internet and social media channels in countries where being gay is still illegal – or where having a rubber fetish still poses many challenges

It really is up to you to chose something that you are passionate about – and then bringing that idea alive. Making it the focus of your conversations at events, building a web presence, launching a Facebook Profile – becoming even more visible – and making the Mr Rubber Europe title known across the global community.

During your title year you are of course encouraged to attend as many events as possible, and specifically we would need you to be at Folsom Europe, Mr International Rubber and of course the next Mr Rubber Europe election at the end of your year.

If this sounds like something that you have the energy, focus and commitment to do – send in your application today.

We are building a strong community – what can you bring to the table?



(In alphabetical order)



Mr Rubber UK 2018


Mr Rubber Switzerland


Mr Fetish Austria 2018




Mr Rubber France


Mr Rubber Spain


Mr Rubber Poland




Mr Fetish Finland


Public vote

The public vote counts as 20% of the total score a candidate can get.


The judges


Guillaume Dupuis

Mr International Rubber 2019

Michael Gerhing

Mr Rubber Europe 2018

Kilker Alcaraz

Mr Leather Europe 2012
Barcelona Rubbermen


Romain Coffinier

Mec En Caoutchouc (MEC)

Nordine Bassista

President of the jury


Our Sponsors

The Mr Rubber Europe Committee are proud to be able to announce a great cross section of sponsors and supporters for this year’s competition. Following the colours of the rubber flag, we decided to have 3 levels of sponsorship (Black, Red & Yellow)

We decided to limit the number of main sponsors to two well known names within our fetish community – and are honoured to announce the sponsors below.

More information about our sponsors, and their commitment to our community can be found on our social media pages for this competition

Facebook: Mr Rubber Europe Contest 2019
Instagram: @MrRubberEurope


Sash Mr Rubber Europe 2019 (Butcherei Lindinger)
Travel fund donations by our Black/Red Sponsors, and WR1
Voucher: Butcherei Lindinger for €1000
Voucher: Mr B for €500
Voucher: LatexCatfish for $500
Voucher: Blackstyle for €150
Voucher: Blackstore for €150
Voucher: Recon Membership for 2 years (€158)
Voucher: Latex’d for €215
2 Alpha Madness Passes for Leatherpride 2020 (€ 250)
T-shirt Alphatribe

Voucher: LatexCatfish for $300
2 Madness Passes for Leatherpride (total worth: € 150)
T-shirt Alphatribe 

2nd runner up: 
Voucher: Latex CatFish for $200
2 Madness Passes for Leatherpride (total worth: € 150
T-shirt Alphatribe 

All other candidates: 
Butcherei Lindinger Bag
T-shirt Alphatribe 


Rubber Party

To celebrate the election of a new Mr Rubber Europe, all rubbermen are invited to a sleazy rubber gathering at the Outpost Bar. The bar, including its darkroom area, will be strictly rubber only on Friday 22 February from 10:30 pm to 2 am.

Dress code strictly enforced!
This special rubber party is included as part of your Fusion ticket.

Visit our online ticket center to order Fusion tickets that give access to the rubber party.