Mr Superhero Fetish

After the incredible success of the first edition in 2017, the election of the second Mr Superhero Fetish Europe will take place at Leather and Fetish Pride. Beauty, charm, athleticism, agility, and contempt for danger. These are just some of the qualities we are looking for in this year’s best superhero.

Of course, they’ll also demonstrate their high moral values and passion for justice, kindness, and self-sacrifice. Always ready to save the people and defeat their enemies while looking hot in their tight suits. And we’ll see them captured, tied-up, gagged, and struggling as danger approaches and perverse villains caress their bulges.

This event will revolutionise the world of fetish! It’s the biggest battle of superheroes of all time! Rubber, leather, spandex, and neoprene… superheroes can wear any fetish to accentuate their muscles and explode the senses. The superheroes are now among us and it’s time to choose the best. Who will become the sexiest superhero in Europe? Don’t miss the live show as Europe’s best superheroes compete for an international jury – and you! And if you’re a superhero, get ready to don your hot costume and perform to win some great prizes and the honour of being crowned Mr Superhero Fetish Europe 2018.


Go to the Leather Pride website and enter yourself as a candidate in the Mr. Superhero Fetish Eu page.
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Saturday 24.02.2018
Doors: 13.00h – 20.00h
Mr. Superhero election: 15.00h


Mr. Superhero election is part of Darklands
Hangar 29 – Waagnatie
Rijnkaai 150
2000 Antwerpen


3-day access to Darklands ticket:
Presale: € 17
Doors: € 22


Strictly men
Strictly fetish

The Contest

Every superhero must challenge his own fears. Every superhero must be a model for others. A star from which everyone must draw inspiration. This year we will take the skills of our candidates to the extreme.They will have to prove that they are strong, agile, crafty, resistant and ready to do anything to become the best Superhero in Europe. Villains will always be there, ready to act. So many traps and surprises for the event that mixes the canons of the fetish world. All this is much more is Mister Superhero Fetish 2018.


From upper left to lower right : 
  • Andreas Behr
  • Dario Ballini
  • Christian Meuke
  • Geatan Roy & Florian Simon
  • Nico Rooen


Hugh AnnandPrestonFabrizio Paoletti
Mr. Superhero Fetish 2017Mister Int. Rubber 2017Mr. Leather Italy 2017


Damien RolletJulien GuilmanJorge Doal
Mr. Sportwear France 2018Mr. Bear Belgium 2018Mr. Rubber Spain 2018




– Mr Superhero Fetish Rubber costume by RubberBro
– Mr Superhero Fetish Spandex costume by Superhero Fetish.
– € 250 voucher by Regulation
– personalized Spandex superhero costume by Catsuit
– Exclusive Superhero themed Leather set by Spitfire
– One year free subscription to the by eyeofthecyclone
– Spandex singlet by “how to kill a Superhero”
–  Rubber Jockstrap by Rubber Bro
– Complete books series “How to kill a Superhero” by Pablo Greene
– Alpha Madness Pass 2019 by Leather Pride
– The Boots annual pass


– Mister Superhero Fetish spandex costume by Supehero fetish and Catsuit
– 3 months free subscription to the by eyeofthecyclone
– T-shirt by How to kill a superhero
– Complete books series “How to kill a Superhero” by Pablo Greene
– Madness Pass 2019 by Leather Pride
– The Boots annual pass


The election commity of Mister Superhero Fetish wants to thank its sponsors for their support::


Leatherpride Belgium


Rub Bro

How To Kill A Superhero

Eye Of The Cyclone

The Boots


Superhero Academy

Are you ready to become real superheroes? Superhero Fetish and Leather and Fetish Pride Belgium are proud to present Superhero Academy.
Check out these dates: February 23, 24, and February 25, 2018. Leather and Fetish Pride will host Darklands a true school for superhero aspirants. Each student will have to overcome skills and courage tests, games, and adventures to win the diploma and become a true superhero.

A fixed space that will allow you to become a real meeting point for all superheroes throughout the Darklands. 3 days full immersion into a fetish that is spreading more and more in Europe and the world. The ability to test your physical and mental abilities with hard evidence that only superheroes can overcome. Gaming, entertainment and entertainment spaces where you will have the opportunity to meet new people and make new experiences.



Space will be set up like a classroom with benches and blackboard. The professors will guide you through the games and trials you will pass and teach you all the secrets of becoming a true superhero. Every day there will be the main game and other courage tests.



The famous board game becomes reality. A path made of colored boxes on the floor.

Each box represents a punishment or an humiliation. Superheroes are human chunks that move on the path by throwing dice at each turn. The competitor will receive the punishment contains in the box in which he ends up after each dice roll.

The first participant reaching the finish line is the winner.



The classic game where athletic bodies of superheroes will twist with each other. Give the spinner a whirl and see what’s next as you try to keep your hands and feet on the mat!. Be the last player to win.




A bound superhero is hidden inside the Darklands. Competitors must follow clues and riddles to find him. The one releasing the captured superhero wins the prize.



 The Superhero Academy is open to all kinky men and passionate or curious fetishists of superhero fetish who want to experience a fun and social experience. All those who want to discover this world and discover their physical and mental abilities. It is not necessary to wear a superhero costume. All kinds of fetishists can be accepted.

The academy is only available for registered students. You will be able to make the free registration by filling out the form

The academy presidency will evaluate all the nominations and select its students based on subjective criteria aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of lessons and games. During Fresco Leather and Fetish, Darklands visitors will be able to attend and attend lectures as guests.

Registered students will always have priority access to all games and challenges of the Superhero Academy according to the program.



Superhero Academy is hosted by Leather and Fetish Pride within Darklands. A space set up as a classroom will be the fixed meeting point for students and the whole superhero community during the entire festival.