Hey guys, the Leatherscratch game ended on September 30th. Many of you won tickets or other great prizes. We look forward to see you at Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium 2018!


Let’s scratch!

Leatherscratch is a scratch game as part of the campaign to promote Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium 2018. 821 prizes are hidden beneath a silver layher on one of the 4000 cards available at various European outlets.

You won?

If your scratchcard has revealed a price you need to claim it before 30 September 2017 and collect the prize at the entrance of Darklands or one of the parties (Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerpen).

1.  Fill out the form below to claim your prize
2. Collect your prize at Darklands or one of the parties

Claim your prize

Fill out the form below. Don’t forget to include a scan or picture of your scratchcard with the prize clearly visible.


Collect your prize

You can collect your prize at the entrance of Darklands or any of the parties. All have the same address: Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerpen.

To receive your prize, you need to bring the winning lottery ticket.
The winner of the first prize will be contacted in advance.


  • 1x Alpha weekend: 3-nights accommodation in the Holiday Inn Express + Alpha Madness tickets for 2
  • 5x Alpha Madness ticket
  • 5x Fetish Buffet ticket
  • 5x Fetish Brunch ticket
  • 10x Madness ticket
  • 10x Rage Alpha ticket
  • 10x Fusion Alpha ticket
  • 25x Leather & Fetish Pride 2017 photo book
  • 25x Leather & Fetish Pride t-shirt
  • 25x Rage ticket
  • 25x Fusion ticket
  • 25x Darklands ticket
  • 75x €5 discount on a t-shirt
  • 75 x €5 discount on a photo book
  • 500x Alpha party ticket

Participating outlets

When you visit one of these outlets, you’ll receive a free scratchcard with your purchase or entry ticket.