Introduction by Bart


Mr Leather Belgium 2018

Whatever fetish you have, welcome to the 10th edition of Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium.

The last edition was obviously special for me as it was the year I was elected Mr Leather Belgium. But it is not the only edition that sticks out for me. I came here for the first time five years ago. Back then I was completely new to the fetish scene. Although I was very excited, I was also scared. But I quickly learnt that the fetish community is a very open and welcoming community.

We all share one common thing: our fetish. For most of us, our fetish is an important aspect of our identity. However, it is not always easy to find acceptance of that in our direct environment. Even more importantly, it’s not always easy to find full acceptance within ourselves.

Over the past year I have seen many men around me grow and become more confident to make their fetish a part of their life. I’ve had the honour of visiting many events in Europe and I’ve seen that each community has its own identity. But I always experience the same open-minded atmosphere.

Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium will always remain one of my favourite events! It brings together so many fetish lovers from across the globe. And it will always be a homecoming for me. Every year our Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium reinvents itself. Every year there is something new. This year will again be special. The 10th anniversary is sure to be bigger and even more spectacular than any previous edition. Join me for this celebration of being yourself!

Mister Leather Belgium 2018

Bart Verrecas