Locker presale



During the official Leatherpride events at Waagnatie you are able to rent a locker to store your belongings. There’s also a regular cloak room for oversized items and an alpha coat check for Alpha Tickets guests. The cloak room for oversized items can not be used for small items that fit into a locker.

Lockers come in two sizes: small (1-2 persons) and large (2-3 persons). Our lockers use a digital lock so you won’t have to cary around a key and can even share a code with your friends. The lockers are 5 cm deeper this year compared to the 2018 edition.

You can rent a locker at the event (single rental only) or you can rent a locker in advance in the webshop for a single rental, day rental or weekend rental and be sure of the lockersize you wish.

1 event (e.g. Darklands on Saturday or Rage on Saturday)

DAY RENTAL (only online!)
2 events on the same day (e.g. Darklands on Friday and Fusion)
LARGE € 12

WEEKEND (only online!)
All 6 events, the whole weekend
SMALL € 15
LARGE € 22

Advance code delivery
If you decide to order a locker in advance, we will send you your locker number and code by e-mail a few days in advance. This way you won’t have to queue at the venue.

XL items
We have a seperate coat check for XL items that do not fit in a locker. Price €8 single rent.

Alpha ticket holders do not need to rent a locker. Alpha coat check is included.


Locker sizes

 Locker S


 Locker L


1-2 persons
Approx. size : 25x35x50


2-3 persons
Approx. size : 43x30x50


Coat check pricing

Please mind

• There’s no need to pay a deposit, our lockers work with a digital code.
• Lockers will be emptied after the rental period has ended.
• Codes will only work for the event/period you’ve chosen.
• Use of the lockers it at own risk
• Keep your code secret